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Snowing in Chicago, Chapter 1

Snowing in Chicago

The Story of a Fortunate Detour and the Founding of Cook Incorporated

Cook Inc., founded by Bill and Gayle Cook in the spare bedroom of their modest Bloomington, Indiana, apartment in 1963, debuted at the right time. Employing knowledge he'd acquired as a partner in a Chicago company that manufactured medical needles, Bill began his business by producing small batches of customized equipment needed by radiologists to perform percutaneous (through the skin) insertion of catheters into blood vessels. It was a novel procedure in 1963, but it soon caught on worldwide, ushering in a host of new, minimally invasive medical procedures and making Cook Inc. the largest privately held medical equipment manufacturing company in the world.

How Cook benefited from – and in many respects defined – the revolution that redefined healthcare during the last four decades of the 20th century is a tale of both audacity and tenacity, populated by a colorful cast of ordinary people who accomplished extraordinary things. Jim's history of the company, Snowing in Chicago, written to help Cook communicate its story and values to customers and a rapidly expanding worldwide workforce, has been warmly received by the company’s employees and customers alike.

Click on the link at left to read chapter one of Snowing in Chicago, which was produced and published by Greenwich Publishing Group.

Jim’s work on our company history, Snowing in Chicago, impressed me from day one. His insight and understanding of our company culture proved to play an integral role in the book’s success. Our management couldn’t be happier with Jim’s excellent work and neither could I. When we work with vendors, there are two types of relationships: a client/vendor relationship and a friendship. I’m happy to say that my work with Jim has led to a friendship."

–Jim Heckman
Senior Vice President
Marketing Communications
Cook Incorporated
Bloomington, Indiana

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