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"Energy Recovery for Water Utilities"

"Energy Recovery for Water Utilities"

Examining Great Britain's public water systems
American Water Works Association's Journal AWWA, January 2008

Rentricity Inc. has a great product. It’s an innovative renewable-energy-recovery microturbine called Flow-to-Wire™ that seems to be the right product at the right time.  Arriving at a moment when there is increasing interest in clean energy, Flow-to-Wire is a microturbine and generator – combined with sensors, electronic controls and communications equipment – that makes it possible for companies to capture the energy of fluids running through pipes.

In public water systems, for example, the excess energy of water flowing downhill is routinely dissipated through pressure-release valves. Otherwise, it could damage underground pipes.

Flow-to-Wire captures that energy, converting it from waste to electric power that can be used by water companies to reduce their own expenses or sold to a local electrical grid. In 2007 Rentricity established a relationship with Mouchel plc, a large international professional services company determined to retrofit the United Kingdom’s public water systems with Flow-to-Wire.

Rentricity hired Jim Smith to write an article about the technology for Journal AWWA, the magazine of the American Water Works Association. Employing the Mouchel relationship as a strong news hook, Jim’s article exemplified effective marketing communications writing. While telling a compelling story, Jim also thoroughly described the myriad benefits of Rentricity’s innovative technology and used the stories of several satisfied customers to validate the effectiveness of Flow-to-Wire.

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