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Energy and Environmental Writing

Jim Smith has written extensively about environmental and renewable energy subjects. Writing for a large academic clientele he has covered many stories about environmental topics and issues including alternative energy technologies such as fuel cells and biofuels; land use and sustainable development; and the “greening” of collegiate America. He has also had the privilege of interviewing and profiling such prominent environmentalists as David Foster, director of the famous Harvard Forest; Peter Goldmark, director of the Global and Regional Air Program of the Environmental Defense Fund; Don Hudson, president of the Chewonki Foundation; Francesca Vietor, executive director of the Chez Panisse Foundation; and Brooks Yeager, executive vice president of Clean Air – Cool Planet.

In collaboration with Michael Trahan Public Relations (www.trahanpr.com), a leader in clean energy-related public relations and marketing communications, Jim has written everything from news releases and media relations background documents to marketing brochures, feature articles and website content for a clientele with a dazzling array of clean energy technologies.

“Working with Mike has afforded me exceptional opportunities to learn about and write about innovative, leading edge technologies and alternative energy ideas,” says Jim. “I’m very grateful for this opportunity. In connection with my academic practice it has given me a tremendous grounding in this field.”

Clients have included Ameresco, a major provider of energy efficiency and renewable energy technology solutions; Pareto Energy, a leading developer of energy independence districts; Rentricity, a developer of hydrokinetic energy recovery systems; Smart Power, a Connecticut-based organization that promotes renewable energy by building collaborations and public sector-private sector partnerships; Solar Connecticut, a non-profit group of stakeholders promoting the use of solar power technologies; and Tamarack Energy, a developer, owner and operator of projects using many different clean energy technologies.

Click on the links at left to see samples of Jim's writing about energy and the environment.

"No matter what the assignment, Jim has demonstrated an ability to understand and communicate complex information in accessible ways, connect a set of seemingly disparate tasks to the Center’s mission, and produce information in the style appropriate for the medium, e.g., print ad, web, or news article.  He is exacting but easy to work with, detail-oriented yet practical, and businesslike but congenial.  It has been a pleasure to work with him."

– Tony Ciochetti
Director and Chairman
MIT Center for Real Estate
Cambridge, Massachusetts

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