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"Beyond the $6 Million Man"

"Beyond the $6 Million Man"

Physicians and engineers join forces to build better bodies
UConn Health Center Magazine, Fall 2008

“In 1975, the year Jon Goldberg arrived at the UConn Health Center, a popular television show called The Six Million Dollar Man portrayed the exploits of an astronaut, mutilated in a test plane crash, who was ‘rebuilt’ by doctors using artificial components superior to his original human parts.”

That was the lead for the feature article about the University of Connecticut’s Biomaterials Center that Jim Smith wrote for the UConn Health Center's magazine. He wanted an opening that would draw readers into his report on the interdisciplinary crossroads where biologists, engineers and clinicians converge to tackle healthcare challenges and pool information that leads to development of such visionary medical devices as lightweight, incredibly durable composites for artificial teeth; miniscule nano-particles for pinpoint drug delivery; and the “scaffolds” that will make it possible for doctors to treat all sorts of disorders using stem cells.

The Six Million Dollar Man reference was calculated,” says Jim. “I wanted to remind readers about what had seemed like impossible science fiction only a few years ago. The real medical tools Dr. Goldberg and his colleagues are inventing today have the potential to save lives and they are way more exciting than the six million dollar bionics. And I was able to circle back to Lee Majors’ old show in a very satisfying way at the end of the article.”

Click on the link at left to read "Beyond the $6 Million Man" in UConn Health Center magazine.

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