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The Cornerstone Campaign

The Cornerstone Campaign

Making the Case for Intercollegiate Athletic Support at Trinity College

When Trinity College hired Jim Smith to write a brochure for the athletics-specific segment of the college’s Cornerstone capital campaign, Jim began by focusing on the college’s athletic traditions.

“Athletics has been a significant thread in the Trinity fabric for more than 150 years,” says Jim. “Trinity students created their first rowing team five years before the Civil War and played their first baseball game against an organized team three years after the war. Today nearly 600 student athletes participate in the 29 intercollegiate teams Trinity fields every year.

“It’s almost impossible to attend Trinity and not be touched by the college’s athletic traditions. So when I wrote the brochure to support the Cornerstone Campaign I wanted to remind alumni of those traditions. I wanted to remind them how much athletics meant to them when they were students.”

The brochure Jim wrote set the stage for the fund-raising appeal with a brief, but colorful history of athletics at Trinity and then explained how important endowed funds were to enable Trinity to continue competing successfully in the scrappy New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC). Powerful quotes from 11 prominent alumni, all varsity athletes at Trinity, describe how the athletic experience at Trinity helped prepare them for success in life and add emotional weight to the brochure.

An essential tool in the college’s campaign, the brochure has helped to make the Cornerstone Campaign a success.

Click on the link at left to view the Cornerstone Campaign brochure that Jim wrote for Trinity College.

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