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Invasion of the Future

Helping a non-profit group promote ways to teach and learn math, science and technology

Created in 1991 with National Science Foundation funding, The Connecticut Academy for Education in Mathematics, Science & Technology is a non-profit advocacy group that collaborates with business, industry, government and other groups to promote more effective ways for teaching and learning about mathematics, science and technology. That was, indeed, the overarching goal when the Academy asked Jim for help with a unique opportunity in 1994.

The Hartford Courant, Connecticut’s foremost daily newspaper, had donated to the Academy a one-time full page insert, printed on heavy news stock. It was a generous donation, and the question was how to use the page to advance the Academy’s goals and encourage parents to play a greater role in ensuring that their children would get the education they needed for the science and math-driven jobs of the future.

Jim and prominent designer Mike Ostro developed an idea to catch the eyes of kids and parents alike and help the insert pop out of the clutter of a daily paper’s inserts – a faux sci-fi movie poster for a “film” called The Invasion of the Future. “It’s coming to your world soon,” the big, colorful poster screamed. “Arm yourself with math and science while there’s still time.”

The flip side of the poster told parents precisely how to do just that. A collage of modules about the importance of science and math education, it included a fun “Slime from Tomorrow” science experiment kids could do at home and information about how to evaluate a school’s science/math programs. The Academy’s telephone number was embedded in the content three times. Not surprisingly, phones were ringing off the hooks after the insert ran in the Courant.

Click on the link at left to read the "Invasion of the Future" newspaper insert that Jim wrote for The Connecticut Academy for Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology.

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