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Navigant Consulting brochure

Navigant Consulting

A brochure that gets to the heart of an idea quickly

“Even the best-managed portfolio companies … can do better,” wrote Michael S. Allen. “More than 30 years of consulting practice has convinced me that most corporations can achieve striking increases in shareholder value through the strategic management of their portfolios of subsidiaries, business units and product categories.”

When Allen, then managing director of Navigant Consulting, Inc., a prominent global management consulting firm, wrote a book synthesizing what he’d learned about portfolio management during three decades of consulting, Navigant hired Jim Smith to write a brochure to promote the book and, at the same time, promote Navigant.

“Allen’s book was dense with information,” says Jim. “It was loaded with good ideas, but they were not simple. They called for in-depth reading. I felt the brochure needed a strong cover concept that quickly got to the value readers could anticipate by employing Allen’s ideas.”

Jim’s brochure grabbed the reader’s attention by posing a rhetorical question: Why settle for increased shareholder value when you could be getting a whole lot more?

“The headline allowed me to get to the heart of what Michael Allen had to say,” says Jim. “And the cover body copy picked up a quote from the book, in which Allen described portfolios as a ‘bridge to the future.’ That set up the graphic framework for the entire brochure, which helped Navigant successfully promote the book and its services.” 

Click on the link at left to view the Navigant brochure that Jim wrote.

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