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Marketing Communications Writing

Jim Smith’s clients benefit from the fact that he’s not only a fine writer but also a seasoned marketing communications professional. Formerly an executive with advertising and public relations companies on both coasts of the United States, Jim has years of experience writing marketing communications materials and creating comprehensive campaigns. He has won multiple awards for his work.

To every writing assignment Jim brings great skill as a writer as well as a marketing communicator’s ear and eye.

“I love telling a great story,” says Jim, “but everything I write has a marketing communications purpose. All of my clients have audiences they want to reach and influence. So it’s essential to know, right from the start: Who’s going to read the story and what messages does the client want the reader to extract from the story? What action does the client want the reader to take as a result of reading the story? And how can I craft the story for maximum impact?

“In my office I have this framed slogan that I inherited somewhere along the trail. It reads: Nothing happens until someone sells something. I love that, because I think it’s fundamentally true. I think there is a sales component to nearly all human interaction. Sometimes a hard-hitting sales pitch is required. But just as often, the trick is to write a story that sells without being blatant about it.”

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"Our management couldn't be happier with Jim's excellent work, and neither could I. When we work with vendors, there are two types of relationships: a client/vendor relationship and a friendship. I'm happy to say that my work with Jim has led to a friendship.”

– Jim Heckman, Senior Vice President, Marketing Communications, Cook Inc.

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