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Science & Technology Writing

Jim Smith has enjoyed an active interest in science since he was a youngster growing up around older relatives who introduced him to woods lore and inspired an abiding interest in conservation and land stewardship. “I’ll never forget the Christmas my folks gave me my first chemistry set,” he says. “I spent countless hours mixing things and exploring the world of tiny creatures that can be found in a drop of pond water. I fantasized about being Rick Brant, the budding science detective in John Blaine’s classic ‘electronic’ adventures.”

As a professional writer, Jim has written about science and technology issues for nearly all of his academic clients. His features have covered such diverse topics as oceanic research; fuel cells, biofuel and other alternative technologies; nanotechnology and MEMS; biomaterials and bonics; neurophenomenology; geosciences and watershed protection; stem cell research; marine invertebrates; and a host of health and medical topics.

In this section, as well as the Health and Energy/Environment sections of the website, you will find examples of the kind of writing that has made Jim the “go-to guy” for many editors when they need science features that tell a compelling story while simultaneously demystifying complex scientific ideas.

Click on the links at left to see examples of Jim's science and technology writing.

“I have had many opportunities over the last four years to provide freelance work to Jim Smith. He has during that time become a tremendous asset to the university’s communication operation. Jim is a versatile and superb writer who has a great ability to explain complicated scientific research in a manner that allows readers to comprehend what is going on even though they may not have extensive background knowledge in the subject. In a world where science is profoundly touching daily life, Jim has time and again provided compelling, understandable articles that provide readers with a thoughtful grasp of the research being conducted, and in a way that truly broadens their understanding and knowledge.”

David Bauman
Manager, Media Relations
University of Connecticuut
Storrs, Connecticut

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